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Remember when the primary school, she sewed a flower pillow covers me, let me to do a collection of chrysanthemum pillow. Pillow at night with a chrysanthemum pillow, smell the chrysanthemum fragrance to sleep, feeling very comfortable. Now there are a variety of different pillow pillow, what effect is there?

Chrysanthemum pillow

Chrysanthemum pillow for a headache and dizziness, dim, hot red eye, furuncle, with higher blood pressure people use, combining prevention with control. When the production will be loaded into the bag can be used as a pillow.

2, five pillow

Ready, mulberry leaves, willow leaf, lotus leaf and leaf of the five leaves, and then put them in the bag can be mixed in. Five pillow can be used to treat headache, ear pain, hypertension, red eye symptoms such as fuzzy, in summer, the heat can also use the five pillow dizziness.

3, tea pillow

Tea pillow can play down blood pressure, eyesight, detoxification, diuretic effect, can also cool in the summer. As long as the production will be soaked and drank tea and then dried in the sun, with a small amount of Jasmine Tea bagging can be mixed together.

4, paint shell hollow pillow

This pillow is the folk arts and crafts, some elderly or bedridden people often use more pillows, a pure heart fire, heat, Liver eyesight Xingnao.

5, silkworm excrement pillow

Can play the role of clear head fire, detoxification dispel damp heat. When Aunt pillow is done with this, that time is the home of their sericulture, a lot of people to their homes to silkworm excrement pillow. You may think it should be very dirty in silkworm, silkworm to the requirements of the living environment is very high, a little dirty can they live to the end, the silkworm excrement is very clean as long as a little airing did not taste, can be said to be the processing of mulberry leaves.

6, Bai Fanzhen

In fact, we have been called alum and alum, with its cold, dampness detoxification effect. The alum powder directly installed in the bag as a pillow to sleep, can clear solution head fire, refreshing, lowering blood pressure, dispelling damp etc..

7, Platycladus orientalis leaf pillow

Put the bag in the leaves used as a pillow, prevention and treatment of hypertension, dizzy, upset liver heat effect.

8, millet pillow

Millet pillow is suitable for children to use, can play a role in disease prevention and fitness, but also can promote the development of children.

9, bamboo pillow

Bamboo pillow can be used in the summer, can play the role of heat.

10, magnetic pillow

Magnetic pillow can promote blood circulation, help The new supersedes the old. function, disease resistance, dizziness touzhang, eyes dim, blurred vision and other symptoms of hypertension headache who can use magnetic pillow. Magnetic pillow directly to the magnet can be embedded in the wood.

11, mung bean pillow

Prepare the whole or broken green beans into the bag, you can also cook the rest of the mung bean shell skin dried in the middle of the mix. Mung bean is cold, can Qingrejiedu, diuretic swelling effect. Sleep pillow can cure headache, eye bean red and sore throat, upset thirsty, furuncle swollen and other symptoms.

12, memory pillow. Memory pillow what is it? Can help improve the memory of it? No, memory pillow is the pillow that can remember the shape of your stress, commonly known as the slow rebound pillow. Is to be pressed down to a long time to come back, a long time will be able to remember the shape of your head under the pressure of your head to the uniform and comfortable. Can improve sleep quality, treatment of insomnia, stiffness of the vertebral disease.

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