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Comparison of memory pillow and traditional pillow Article source:Original site Creation time:2013-10-28 14:17:32

Now, there are a variety of pillow types in the market is divided into the effectiveness of the pillow and ordinary pillow. Among the efficacy of the pillow to the memory of the pillow, the following is to introduce the next, memory pillow and the traditional pillow which distinguish, what are the benefits of the human body.

The ordinary pillow will make the intervertebral disc, the spine twists and turns between our pressure is not relaxed and links appear prone to fatigue and stiff neck problems will hinder our whole body's blood circulation, thus affect our normal sleep and rest, if a long time in this state, will not only affect our life, but also for our health is very unfavorable. In this case, the effect of memory pillow is self-evident.

Memory pillow to adapt to our 23 degree of physiological elevation, has the effect of natural traction sleep, natural recovery of our damaged cervical ligament, nerve, effectively alleviate neck muscles, to prevent cervical acid, pain, stiff and pain, the treatment effects of cervical spine.

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