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If you do not have a pillow on the body what impact? Article source:Original site Creation time:2013-10-30 10:02:06

Summer sleep, open air conditioning cover the quilt and heat, not covered and cold, do not open air conditioning, in the morning to get up the pillow is wet sweat, I am not accustomed to other pillows, how about if you do not have a pillow? Will not be bad for the body?

It is not good to sleep without a pillow. The pillow is the role of the head and spine to maintain a balance, so that it will not make cervical compression; in supine sleep, the height of the pillow for 5 to 8 cm; in lateral sleep, according to each person's shoulder width, female pillow height from 7 to 12 cm, the height of the pillow in the male 11 to 14 cm. For the height of the pillow can keep in sleep is not good and not because of the height of cervical discomfort, but not all of them will remain in the same position during sleep, often supine and lateral alternately. Therefore, when selecting a pillow, the pillow height is 10 to 8 cm, and the male pillow can be increased by 2 cm.

Experts point out that it is best to choose whether to sleep, sleep side can maintain the normal physiological curvature of the neck of the pillow. Adults to lie on the back of 15 ~ 20 cm high pillow, when the side of the pillow height of about 20 to 15 cm height is appropriate. Because each person's cervical spine is different, so the volume of different health pillow, perhaps the best choice for us.

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