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Some of the most important reasons for the formation of stiff vertebral disease Article source:Original site Creation time:2013-11-01 10:04:46

Long stay in office in front of the computer work, when the work is easy to please feel backache vertebral disease. Most of the white-collar workers have their own strength of vertebral disease incidence due to the nature of work, in fact, there are many reasons for the formation of stiff vertebral disease.

1, trauma: 50% type of cervical spondylosis and cervical trauma related. Some patients with cervical bone hyperplasia, cervical intervertebral disc herniation, spinal soft tissue lesions and cervical canal stenosis in a critical state, which often induce symptoms of neck trauma. This is also the cause of cervical spondylosis. This kind of reason is the strength of the disease is the best treatment, generally do not have to go directly to the hospital to buy a memory pillow, and the drug can be compared to the long-term use of the neck has a health care function may wish to try.

2, the wind cold dampness factors: the external environment of the cold wet factor can reduce the pain tolerance, can cause muscle cramps, small blood vessels, lymph backflow slow, soft tissue blood circulation disorder, after aseptic inflammation. Therefore, the wind cold dampness factors not only is the cause, but also can be used as a cause of disease symptoms. This is the cause of cervical spondylosis.

3, bad posture: such as lying in bed watching TV, reading, nothing, sitting sleeping; the sleeper bed, asleep muscle poor protection, neck injury prone to brake.

4, chronic infection: mainly throat, followed by dental caries, periodontitis, otitis media, etc.. These parts of the inflammatory stimulation of the neck soft tissue or through the rich lymphatic system caused by cervical occipital soft tissue lesions. Some people think that the chronic throat infection of cervical disease is an important risk factor, which may be associated with soft tissue inflammation of chronic strain of mutual influence and aggravating illness.

5, strain: long head and neck posture in a single location, such as your work for a long time, prone to cervical spondylosis. Patients less than 30 years of age, more engaged in lower bow type. This is also the cause of cervical spondylosis.

Above is the introduction of the causes of cervical spondylosis, you have to know?

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