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A pillow made of slow resilient material, and its function is not to increase a person's memory, but because of the frequent use of the pillow to form the shape of the head and neck. Memory pillow is mostly slow rebound pillow. Memory pillow of well-known brands, are using imported materials, because domestic materials are basically sponge + chemical additives to replace, it will have a very pungent odor, harmful to the human body, the effect is absolutely not the same. Imported materials are temperature sensitive.

Texture of material

Is the use of memory (memory pillow cotton (polyether polyurethane) this material is made of cotton, memory is the last century in 60s by the American Space Agency (NASA) research and development, is a kind of open cell structure, has the characteristics of temperature stress, also known as is a kind of temperature sensitive material decompression. This material is used on the space shuttle. In order to ease the pressure on the astronauts to protect the spine, especially in the space shuttle return and leave the ground when the astronauts are under the greatest pressure is also the most dangerous. In order to protect the safety of the astronauts, the invention of the material. The biggest science in twenty-first Century will be life sciences, space science and technology has made great contributions to the research of human life science.

At the beginning of 90s, the development of civilian products (medical), emergency medical care in the first, how to select the memory pillow system is used widely, then pay attention to the rapid popularization of health in developed countries, many western countries every three households have a home in memory of cotton products. Domestic memory pillow market has also been rapidly rising. An ideal pillow, the most basic to the physiological curvature of cervical pillow can closely fit, make study and work life of people a day, relieving fatigue of the cervical muscles and ligaments in sleep. Cervical treatment of a variety of ways, from the perspective of long-term use, memory pillow is able to be long-term adherence to patients and the use of treatment. Therefore, choose the right memory pillow, to a certain extent, to ease the problem of your cervical spine.

More memory pillow varieties, most of them have a certain effect, but not combined with daily life habit is very good, often only in the lateral supine position, it is not ideal. Memory pillow on the market, through the unique design, patients not only can supine, lateral is also very comfortable, but also to improve the role of sleep quality, but also help to eliminate fatigue, relax the body.


1、Absorb impact force: because the head and neck of the force is very average, so the pillow in the top feel as if floating in the water or the clouds, the skin feels no pressure, also known as zero pressure. Sometimes we use the usual pillow, there will be the phenomenon of oppression of the ear, but the use of memory pillow will not appear this situation.

2、Memory deformation: the automatic modeling of the ability to fix the head, stiff neck may reduce; automatic modeling of the ability to properly fill the gap shoulder, the shoulder at the bed to avoid the common problems of air leakage, can effectively prevent cervical problems. Usually shaped pillow (also known as the butterfly shaped pillow) more fit the shoulders and neck.

3、Antibacterial anti mite: slow rebound sponge inhibits the growth of mold, mold to reproductive growth stimulation by smell, when sweat saliva condition becomes more prominent. Memory pillow for sleeping and sleeping

Because the air permeability and moisture absorption and shape memory sponge sponge like, each cell is interconnected between the unit, excellent moisture absorption, but also breathable, but must pay attention to the memory cotton cannot be water or in the sun.