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The last one: it's already the latest.


Bread pillow size and characteristics:
EP-001: 36*26*13 CM
EP-002: 41*36*9 CM
EP-003: 50*30*10 CM
EP-005: 57*36*13 CM
EP-006: 60*40*13 CM
EP-007: 65*40*12 CM
EP-008: 65*40*14 CM
EP-009: 65*40*15 CM
EP-010: 66*43*13 CM
EP-011: 70*40*13 CM
EP-012: 74*43*13 CM

EP-013: 60*40*11 CM

EP-014: 70*36*13 CM

EP-015: 150*36*13 CM

Traditional pillow characteristics:
 The Pillow is elastic so that it's easy to shape automatically for head and neck,and it's suitable for various size and weight.After each usage,it'll recover the shape and it's very comforatble and endurable.The big size design promotes you to enjoy yourself without stress.Can be useful for sleeping or sitting.